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Pamukkale 2-Day Tour from Antalya

Pamukkale is a beautiful natural attraction, a must see in Turkey, means ' cotton castle. ' Come and explore the ruins of an ancient city Hierapoli on a 2 day tour from Antalya, to see the spectacular white travertines, swim in thermal baths.

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Day 1: The trip starts at 6:30 a.m. early in the morning with a hotel pick up time in the town center of Antalya. For tea, the first stop is in Korkuteli. You can purchase any cookies, tea or coffee in a café if you don't have lunch box from the hotel. There are other stops on the road to Pamukkale to make the long journey smoother and more convenient. The nearest town is Denizli, where you can stop and take in the breathtaking panorama. You will also have a free lunch buffet arranged for an extra fee through your guide. The hill, with its beautiful white terraces, can be seen from the restaurant.

On your arrival in Pamukkale, explore Hierapolis ruins (amphitheatre, town walls, bathhouses, necroses, etc.) and know more about the area's history and culture. Then you can stroll on the white travertines and feel the charm of the natural beauty and float with the warm spring water in its natural pools. There is an old swimming pool not far from the travertine, called Cleopatra bath, and it is easy to swim and to pay extra charges. Once you leave the first day, you are on your way to the hotel for a visit. Dinner is included at the restaurant.

Day 2: An open breakfast buffet is served at the hotel on your second day. Don't forget to take with you every product when we check out and start the tour from the hotel. In Karahayit city you hit the hot springs. There are red travertines you will be pleased to see. There is an extra additional fee for swimming. You will shortly visit a mosque and hear more about the local people's religious practices.During a trip to leather shop and onyx material, there comes time for browsing. If you want, you can purchase or wait for the other tourists there. On the way back to Antalya you must pass Denizli once more and rest immediately before Antalya for the lunch arranged by your guide. Once you head to your house, there's the last line.


  • Hotel pickup and drop-off
  • Overnight accommodation
  • Breakfast and dinner at the hotel
  • Entrance fees to Pamukkale and Hierapolis
  • Professional guide


  • Lunch
  • Drinks
  • Entrance fee to Cleopatra's swimming pool

Additional info

  • Bring your swimsuit, towel, sun cream, sun hat and camera. 
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