Olympos Cirali and Chimera Yanartas Jeep Safari tour

You should take a swim break on a natural beach and stroll along the flames of Chimera when you enter the Night Safari tour of Cirali. Kemer is a must have seen attraction in Chimera or Yanartas. Your thrilling ride is finished by the delicious food at Ulupinar Waterfall restaurant.

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Tour to Yanartas ("burning stone") is organized especially in the evening since visiting the flames of Chimera in the dark is more attiring. Both hotels at Kemer resort have pick-up facility. You travel to the starting point of the tour and find a guide. He will advise you on the tour schedule and your safari tour will start at 17:30 pm. Via jeep, you are going to the beach of Cirali by Kuzdere, Camyuva and Tekirova. Do not forget to bring your swimsuit because at this perfectly lovely 3-kilometre beach you will have a bathing break.

You'll find the Firemountain Yanartas overlooking the village of Cirali near Olympos on a short drive from this inn. The legend about a fiery beast with the face of a lion, the body of a donkey and the tail of a serpent renders this mountain known as a chimera. You will wear comfortable shoes when you step up a path that is stony. You have time to take stock of the interesting natural phenomenon as you enter the fire of Chimera. The legends claim, from seven layers underground a giant Chimera carries flames to earth. In reality, the natural underground gas supply is one explanation for these flames. These flames burn throughout the year and are particularly appealing in the dark. You'll drive to the restaurant Ulupinar, where there is a dinner (food or chicken, starter plate, salad and fruits from the season) following mysterious times on Chimera hill. You're going to leave the restaurant at 10 pm and return to Kemer. Around 11:00 or 11:30 hours delivery date. It's a wonderful journey and memorable. Time can live in your mind for a long time in a magical environment.


  • Pick up and transfer by Jeep
  • Entrance fee to Olympos
  • Entrance fee to Chimaera
  • Dinner


  • Drinks and personal expenses

Additional info

  • From the entrance to Chimaera, the ascent stroll takes around thirty minutes with the earth path. 
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