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Kemer Boat Trip from Antalya

A boat tour from Antalya in Kemer gives you an opportunity to see the Turkish Riviera's most stunning coast. Swim in the crystal clear seas with turquoises, experience the stunning bays of Paradise and Cleopatra, enjoy an ancient sandy harbor, the sun on the shore with white beaches.

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You will admire the sights of the neighboring resort of Kemer during your holiday in Antalya. All you have to do is take a full-day boat trip to Phaselis, ancient town. We are going to pick you up and take you to Kemer Marina in Antalya. You will embark there on a wooden yacht and begin an exciting voyage on the shore.

When you sail slowly through the sparkling blue sea, relax, enjoy the sea, calming sun and wonderful views. The Kemer coast is very picturesque. It is considered one of the Turkish Riviera's most charming coasts. Pirate groves, sandy beaches and beautiful mountains will be available.You will visit the most spectacular bays on the way to Phaselis and stop for swimming. Both Cleopatra and Paradise Bays will impress you with its crystal clear waters. You may leap off the vessel or swim in Mediterranean Sea's gentle waves. You can have a sunbath on the top deck or just go down to sit in the shade, whenever you want. The floor below is lined with wooden tables and chairs to be consumed at lunch.

On your arrival in Phaselis Bay, you will have some time to explore the remains of an old town. Phaselis, a major city harbor, has been founded in the 7th century BC. The beautiful golden sandy beaches and pine forests are covering this historic site. What about a fun time trip? Wander down the main path, visiting the old town walls, buildings, baths and amphitheaters. This is a deserted area. You will return to the vessel after a great time in Phaselis.Go back to Kemer and take a look into the picturesque Mediterranean Islands and the beautiful view of the Tahtali Mountain (2365mt). Upon your arrival, return to the hotel and drop off at Kemer Marina.


  • Hotel pickup and drop-off
  • Lunch


  • Drinks
  • Entrance fee to the ancient city of Phaselis
  • Personal expenses (photos, souvenirs, gratuities, etc.)

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  • Don't forget: sun cream, sunscreen, scarf, bath towel, phone. Take it with you.
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