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Green Lake Jeep Safari and Boat Tour

Enjoy two class (natural and fun) tours on one day! ONE day! Go to the Taurus Mountains and chill on a ship in the Green Lakes first of all, successful Jeep Safari. The blended tour will make you feel the various emotions over a short period of time. Of other categories for gender.

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In the early morning, the jeeps will pick you up from your house. Your journey will start from that moment on. You can fly to the Taurus Mountains once you've all assembled Jeep Convoy. The amazing views of the Green Canyon can be seen here. The transport brings you to Sartlar and Işıklar, where you'll be told about the history, community and routine of the locals by our tour guide. 
During your off-road trip, you spray water on each other because of the hot weather. It's going to help you feel comfortable and have fun! The next stop is Manavgat's largest waterfall. Forget your troubles and enjoy watching a lovely water flow.

From jeep to cruise, you'll switch your seats. Sailing at Green Lake is a common experience for those who want to avoid the sound of the city and reflect on their feelings on lifesaving. This calming tour gives you the chance to reset your mind and reconnect with nature. In the pool, there is also the chance to dive.


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  • Jeep Safari
  • Boat Tour


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