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Cappadocia Green Tour

Take a led day Green Tour to explore all South Cappadocia's main attractions. Visit Derinkuyu, the deepest underground town of Cappadocia, visit the monastery of Selime, an immense fairy-chimney, and the biggest religious building in the region.

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Start the journey in the famous underground city of Derinkuyu. It is Turkey's biggest excavated underground town and Cappadocia's deepest Food shops, kitchens, stables, schools, sites of development of food, drainage chimneys, water wells and a missionary school are situated inside. This multi-story (up to 18 stories) town can accommodate up to 20,000 people simultaneously at a depth of 85 m. The underground city with wide rolling stone doors could be opened from within. Each floor can be independently locked. Derinkuyu Underground City was opened in 1969 for tourists, approximately half of which is tourist accessible. Instead, visit the Ihlara valley after Derinkuyu. It starts in the village of Ihlara and finishes in Selime monastery. It was founded thousands of years ago by the Melendiz River. The canyons are 14 km long and about 100 m deep. The length of the canyon. The valley of Ihlara was one of early Christians ' first places of settlement. The gorge walls are carved from the 7th to the 11th centuries by hundreds of Churches. Most have brightly coloured frescos and display scenes unlike the scenes depicted in other Cappadocian churches. In addition, the early Churches of Syria and of Egypt's Coptic Churches are reminiscent.

Indescribable elegance, pure nature and cultural value of the canyon render it one of Cappadocia's most popular hiking destinations. This trip consists of walking 4 km along the river Melendiz through the Ihlara Valley. Walkthrough the pistachio trees and vineyards, appreciate sounds of water and the rich biodiversity of the region. Be confident for a delicious lunch in a Melendiz river cafe while cycling. Discover traditional Turkish local cuisine.

Amazing huge fairy chimney, Selime Monastery, is the nearest place to visit. It was built in Cappadocia in the 13th century as the largest religious tower. Selime Monastery, because of its size and interesting structure, is a must-see while you are in Cappadocia. There is a cathedral church inside the monastery that features fantastic pictures, even living areas, a large kitchen, various stores, a stable, a missionary school, etc. About 5,000 individuals could be accommodated at the same time. Selime convent. After visiting this great place, drive to the valley of Pigeon to enjoy a great view over the city. For many palm houses or dovecotes cut into cliffs, the Pigeon Valley was called. Such pigeon houses were used by farmers to harvest the pigeon droppings, which are an ideal organic fertilizer for the orchards and vineyards. The last stop in Goreme (Esentepe) will be a lookout point. Explore Cappadocia's remarkable celestial landscape; enjoy the array of colours and shapes of the fairy chimneys. Esentepe offers one of Cappadocia's and Göreme Valley's most beautiful views. Finish the tour with a drop-off in your Hotel, South Cappadocia.


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  • Be sure to wear comfortable flat shoes.
  • Do not forget to bring your camera.
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