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Antalya Aquarium Tickets with Transfer

Antalya Reef is a fantastic complex for the entire family that provides fun, entertainment and education. Discover 40 thematic tanks and walk through the world's largest reef tunnel with hundreds of dolphins, whales, and rays.

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We give regular visits to the Antalya Aquarium with an entry ticket and a free transfers throughout the year.

Antalya Aquarium provides creativity, excitement and education all at once as one of the largest aquarium complexes in the country. THERT is a great place for friends to enjoy a nice time. Aquarium offers various inspired parts for an entertaining and enjoyable outing. You are welcome in four thematic aquariums at the beginning: the Indian Ocean, the Red Sea, the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean.

The large cylindrical tank on the left and the tiny aquariums around it displays the samples of marine life in and around Antalya Province. Afterwards, you will see wonderful animals living in the world's waterways (Asian rivers, Nile and Amazon Waterways). You will continue to face the portion of the Tropical River. The living corals, clowns, horse-seas, lionfish, potatoes and giant murmur can be looked closer in this chapter. Sharks tank is the last stop in the theme chapter.You can even observe the feeding times of the sharks which are kept frequently each day. In these thematic parts you will certainly enjoy impressive design of the ships. Decorative vehicles, boats and monuments and a replica of an Italian warplane sunk during World War II in the Mediterranean host trout.

Upon visiting the 40 thematic aquariums in the main tank with an area of 131 meters and a length of 3 meters and a maximum capacities of about 5 million liters, you can find the world's biggest tunnel aquarium. One of the world's largest tropical reef displays are displayed in the first section of the tube. The second portion of the tunnel identifies the Sunken City of Atlantis and the Caribbean, proceeding then to the observation point of the pirate ship. You should relax here in the position of an amphitheater and gaze at the tree-walking sharks. You can see that when you reach the third and longest section of the tube, there are many thrilling submarines. See you going through many sharks and rays.With the aid of green screen backgrounds and a trip to the professional regal-shop you will transmute your aquarium experience with memorable memories, such as souvenir portraits (even for free). You can also create snowballs of real snow in Snow World or you can take a trip from Wild Park to Wild Tropical reptile house among the worlds most dangerous, colourful and fascinating animals. Through Oceanride XD Cinema, you can even travel around the globe with multi-dimensional video engineering.


  • Entrance ticket
  • Hotel pickup and drop-off


  • Food and Drinks (optional)
  • Personal expenses (souvenirs, gifts, photos, etc.)
  • Entrance to Snow World/Wild Park/XD Cinema (optional)
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